Year 10 Reflection Day

Year 10 students took part in their annual Reflection Day yesterday (29 March) led by Chris Doyle.

The activities provoked some deep thinking from our Year 10 students who were invited to sing, dance and strut their stuff in front of each other, breaking down barriers and expanding comfort zones. It was a great opportunity for students to share their talents and gifts outside the classroom.

Chris challenged the students with some big questions and ideas about their choices with their faith and what a good life for them looks like.

It was a poignant day for our young people as they were tasked with reflecting on who they are as a person and who they want to be moving forward.

The day ended with the Year 10 students wishing each other well and saying “Namaste” acknowledging that “the light in me, recognises the light in you”.

Thank you to our Director of Catholic Identity Shaun Coates for organising yet another successful Reflection Day.

Annika Miesen

Year 10 Coordinator

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