Year 11 Physics – Circuit Scribe

As part of Unit 1 Physics, students study how electric circuits work.

This year, our Year 11 students experienced electric circuits in a new and exciting way using our brand-new Circuit Scribe kit.

Using a conductive silver ink pen, students draw connections between their electronic modules on paper. Once they turn their switch on, their creation activates.

Students started by exploring series and parallel circuits using light-emitting diodes and compared the brightness in each circuit. Once students mastered the basics, they were given free choice of their electronic components. The possibilities were endless and were only limited by their imagination.

“Our Year 11 Physics class did a practical activity for electricity called Circuit Scribe. Many students had creative ideas on how circuits work and had fun using motors, buzzers and multi-coloured LED lights.” Noah, 11M

Students interested in electronics will have the opportunity to participate in Circuit Scribe activities throughout the year during our STEM Pop-Up Workshops.

Elizabeth Piacquadio

STEM Coordinator

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