Rejuvenate in June Challenge

Rejuvenate in June is a new campaign that will begin on Monday 15 June and all students are invited to take part.

Following on from the success of the Active April and Move in May challenges, students are encouraged to keep the momentum going – being back at school is even more incentive to keep active and healthy.

During our last two challenges, we had a great response from students. We are constantly increasing numbers but there is always room for more! Some of the motivation and enthusiasm that has been shown by students has been fantastic.

Rejuvenate in June follows the same simple format of previous challenges - complete one achievable task a day. The tasks include stretching and exercises, healthy eating, meditation and mindfulness, walking, jogging and just simply getting outside to move about. There are also bonus challenges that change each week.

Students participating in the challenge will have access to Sheehan Stadium during lunchtime to complete the task of the day if they choose to. Of course as with all the challenges, you can earn house points for all the tasks you complete.

We hope everyone will join the fun. If you are interested in getting involved, please email Ms Pandi.

Maddi Hodge

Sport Captain

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