AFL Longest Kick Competition

On the last day of Term 1 we held our first Longest Kick Competition on the oval during lunchtime.

Many students competed and made multiple attempts to achieve the longest distance, contributing points to their house.

Some students displayed remarkable skills, launching drop punts and even some torpedos down the length of the oval. The inclusive environment enabled students who were new to the sport to learn the skills required for kicking the ball whilst also earning house points.

Staff were also well represented on the day and very competitive, adding an extra layer of entertainment.

Our winners on the day were:

Junior competition

Boys: Lincoln Braszell – Year 9

Girls: Dhillon Meredith – Year 8

Senior competition

Boys: Reuben Riveria - Year 12

Girls: Bagena Malua - Year 12

All winners earned themselves a $20 canteen voucher and extra points for their respective houses.

Glasheen earned the most points on the day, notching up 95, and were the best represented house in the competition.

Thank you to everyone who participated and made the event such a success. We look forward to the next house competition!

Solomon Miesen

Sports Captain

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