Year 12 Retreat

On Thursday 16 June our senior students embarked on their Year 12 Retreat. It was a time to reflect on their educational and spiritual journey so far, connect, reset and look forward to the final term of Year 12.

It was lovely seeing students interact during breakfast at the College before departing for Lake Dewar. The first morning included various activities and a visit from our Principal, Marlene Jorgensen who spoke to the students about acknowledging that while the months ahead would be challenging, their hard work would lead them to their future pathways. She 

she spoke about not being defined by where you live or your background

That where you have come from does not define where you are going.

That the students are embarking on a difficult next few months but their hardwork will lead them to their future pathways.

Students are commended for how they worked together, helping one another in their challenging tasks – scaling heights, rocks, or mountain biking over rugged terrain.

In the afternoon, students met with guest speaker Glenn Manton who had the cohort engaged from the outset. They were encouraged to listen to one another’s stories deeply, employ empathy and recognise how even the tough stuff makes us.

After dinner, students and staff enjoyed one of the most lively trivia and karaoke sessions ever seen on a retreat! This camaraderie extended into the Amazing Race activity on the final day with 12 Bernard winning the hot chip lunch!

The retreat experience culminated in a letter-to-self activity. The two days away gave students time to reflect upon and refine their goals and aspirations before putting pen to paper. They will reread their letters after their Graduation Ceremony in November.

It has been a pleasure seeing our senior students grow into young adults. The experience of reconnecting and recharging as a group has undoubtedly invigorated them and helped them recognise what they can achieve.

Rebecca Cassar

Year 12 Coordinator

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