Writing Competition Winners

After some delay occasioned by the weird and unusual circumstances of the past couple of months, the winners of the 2020 CRC Writing Competition have been decided. The winners for 2020 are:

Best Junior Entry (Year 7 to 9)

Glanzmigue Farolan of 7F for his short story A Kingdom’s Fall. Glanz’s story about an epic battle was judged to have ‘a great sense of time and place’.

Best Senior Entry (Year 10 -12)

Nathan Furtado of 10M for Finding Valiant.
Nathan's piece was described as a ‘fun and irreverent’ superhero story.

Best Entry in Competition 2020

Ellen Kerr of 10C for her poem The Lonely Planet.
Ellen's thoughtful and thought-provoking poem was described as ‘evocative and thoughtful’ and as an ‘interesting exploration of the unanswerable.’

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