Year 10 Geography Camp

The Year 10 Geography class travelled to Phillip Island recently to complete fieldwork for their Coastal Management Unit.

We visited two main fieldwork sites at Cape Woolamai and Summerlands where students observed and took note of changes to the landscape resulting from natural and human causes.

They also had to identify the management strategies being used to preserve the landscapes and prevent further degradation.

The students listened to a presentation from a Phillip Island Nature Parks Ranger who walked them through the history of Phillip Island and the work underway to make it habitable again for our native species.

They also took part in a program where they were asked to collect a range of data about certain animals for Phillip Island Nature Parks. This data will assist the rangers in tracking animal movements and ensuring that the Summerlands remains a safe place for our native species.

Overall, it was a very successful and relaxing camp that even included a very cold and windy viewing of the Penguin Parade!

Lastly, a huge thank you to Mrs Dunne, who assisted and presented at this camp. We look forward to returning in Semester 2 with the next group of students.

Nirasha Pandi

Geography teacher

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