Year 7 Homeroom Competition

Our Year 7 students got into the Olympic spirit on 5 August during a homeroom competition that earned them points towards the Clairvaux Shield.

Students competed in a Rock, Bridge and Tree relay - each homeroom chose a student to be their rock, bridge, or tree with the remaining students racing to jump over the rock, go under the bridge and around the tree. It was great to see lots of students and even some homeroom teachers get involved.

Congratulations to 7F for winning gold and 7C for coming in a close second to claim silver. These homerooms received points towards our Clairvaux Shield, which students have been competing for throughout the year.

The current ladder sees 7R leading the tally but there are plenty of opportunities for homerooms to earn points in the coming months.

We encourage all our Year 7 students to keep active during lockdown and continue to get involved in upcoming activities as we get closer to awarding the inaugural Clairvaux Shield.

Louise Crocitti

Year 7 Coordinator

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