Write A Book In A Day Goes Online

The plot thickens as our teams of junior and senior students prepare to complete the Write a Book in a Day challenge online next Monday 30 August.

Determined not to let lockdowns stop their efforts, our three teams of students will collaborate via Microsoft Teams from 8am to 8pm to write, illustrate, and submit a storybook targeted to a youth audience.

They will be supported online by staff from the English team throughout the event.

Write a Book in a Day is an annual competition promoting literacy, collaboration and creativity, administered by independent national charity, The Kids’ Cancer Project.

Completed books are uploaded to an online library accessed by children undergoing treatment in hospitals across the country. Winning entries are announced in November.

You can donate to their fundraising pages by following the links below.

All money raised goes to The Kids’ Cancer Project to support their vital scientific research into childhood cancer.

Junior Team 1

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Erin Johnstone, Max Barton, Hazel Buyuksu, Elyse Stancic, Sneha Sharma, Amelia Horne.

Junior Team 2

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Diana Taylor, Olivia Falzon, Layla Moore, Alexa Borg, Ruby Barnett-Tonna, Mia Grainger.

Senior Team

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Anne Lazaro, Darcy Makin, Nathan Furtado, Samantha Merin, Olivia Kastoriadis, Cate Cimarelli, Isaac Dalumpines, Samuel Gordon, Xavier Millan, Ashlea Bartlett-Barker.

To date, students have raised more than $2000 in sponsorship and it’s not too late to show your support for our talented teams.
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