Year 8 Domestique Awards

The Term 3 Domestique Awards recognise and celebrate the achievements of Year 8 students in three categories – Empathy, Community and Endeavour.

Below is a list of the recipients for Term 3.

8 Anthony

Endeavour: Madeline Trask - for working so diligently and communicating effectively with her teachers, including pre-service teachers during Term 3.

Community: Rose D’Arienzo - for supporting her peers by attending Project Rockit’s Biggest Online Assembly.

Empathy: Thinh Nguyen - for frequently participating in classes, responding to teacher requests, and communicating well with his peers.

8 Bernard

Endeavour: Isabella Fraser - for her fantastic attendance record, seeking feedback on how she can improve in English, Humanities and Science, and submitting high-quality work.

Community: Oliva Uwimana - for participating in College and homeroom initiatives such as the Gratitude videos and communicating well throughout Distance Learning Mode (DLM).

Empathy: Kalista Moore - for being a supportive friend, helping others in her homeroom with classwork and providing positive motivation and reassurance to classmates.

8 Catherine

Endeavour: David Koko - for consistently working hard in all his subjects and striving to do his best.

8 Dominic

Endeavour: Declan Beech – for always being on time, completing work and seeking help when needed. Declan is also polite in all his online/email communication.

8 Mackillop

Empathy: Jasmine Hodge - for displaying great respect towards her teachers and peers, working hard in all classes and being a great contributor to 8M’s homeroom.

Endeavour: Dannilla Jeevakenthiran - for working consistently across all subject areas, striving to achieve her best and assisting classmates during DLM.

Community: Jack Nelson - for positive contributions to his classes, engaging in class discussions and upholding the social justice values of CRC throughout the year.

8 O’Reilly

Endeavour: Ysabelle Aquino - for always ensuring her work is completed to a high standard, maintaining consistency and dedication to her work during DLM and growing as an independent learner.

Community: Elesha Gruis - for assisting her teachers and classmates whenever she can, particularly during DLM, and participating in extra-curricular activities with dedication and enthusiasm.

Empathy: Charlie Boog – for bringing a positive attitude to the classroom during DLM where her kindness towards others has been needed and welcomed.

8 Reed

Empathy: Olivia Eagle – for being an encouraging, and supportive member of 8R who actively considers the feelings of those around her.

Community: Abraham Dalumpines – for consistently contributing to class discussions and completing multiple homeroom activities and College challenges during DLM.

Endeavour: Madeline Tracey – for working hard in all her classes, consistently striving to achieve her best, challenging herself and supporting her classmates.

Empathy Award - The students who received this award earned it by supporting people, encouraging their peers, taking steps to check on and improve the wellbeing of others, actively considering the feelings of those around them, and generally being positive and upstanding members of their homeroom.

Community Award - Community is at the core of all we do at CRC, with one of our overarching goals being to ensure that young people feel they are an essential part of the bigger picture. The students who received this award in Term 3 earned it by taking an active role in different facets of school life. They also helped teachers whenever they saw an opportunity and were the first to get involved in programs in and out of the classroom.

Endeavour Award - We celebrate academic achievements on many occasions throughout the school year, but the Endeavour award is a little different. This award does not always consider the highest grades; instead, students are nominated for their effort, improvement, and tenacity.

Jordan Reithofer

Year 8 Coordinator

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