Year 7 Camp

Year 7 students enjoyed their final week of 2020 on a one-night camp to Weekaway in Benloch.

Students were full of excitement as they took part in activities such as archery and raft building. Some students took advantage of the warm weather and “accidentally” capsized their canoe. Most were brave enough to give the Possum Glider a try too.

Homeroom teachers spent time with their classes making damper and watching students get a little lost in the giant maze. Students were able to wind down with their classmates during the movie night and all were kept dry during a downpour that came through on Tuesday.

After a challenging year, it was lovely to see the Year 7 students enjoy a couple of days away.

Thank you to all the homeroom teachers and staff that made the experience possible.

Rebecca Spiteri

Year 7 Coordinator

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