Year 9 Camp

To end this tumultuous year on a positive note, the Year 9 students went on camp to complete their Rite Journey program. It was a great way to end the school year, with students involved in a variety of fun activities and challenges.

Our young women went to Grantville, on the Mornington Peninsula, while our young men went to Rose’s Gap, in the Grampians. Usually, the camp is held at the beginning of the year with a focus on forging and developing friendships, learning new skills and facing challenges to help the students bond as a Rite Journey group. However, given the camp was held at the end of the year, the emphasis switched to one of reflection. We asked students to explore how they had grown and the skills they developed during the challenges of 2020.

Students participated in activities such as high ropes courses, giant swings or ‘leaps of faith’, initiative courses, bushwalking, canoeing, raft building, survivor challenges and trivia and movie nights. While these activities were full of laughs and enjoyment, they also pushed many students outside their comfort zones, developing their growth and resilience.

Students also took part in a Rite Journey session where they reflected on their year and identified short and long-term goals for their future.

They wrote a letter to their future self, to be opened in Year 12, along with the time capsule they created in Year 7. Students then created a bracelet or anklet. This was made out of a washer that had letters or words of the skills or value they treasure most, tied with a leather strap.

The bracelet is a symbol of what they want to take with them into their future.

We thank all the staff and students who attended. The students always had a positive attitude, high levels of participation and treated each other with respect and kindness throughout the camp.

The camp staff were incredibly impressed with their behaviour and attitude and told us to, “keep doing whatever you are doing” at CRC Melton. This is a real testament not only to the students themselves but to the Rite Journey Program.

We wish the students all the best on their Christmas holidays.

Lauren Hill, Jason Rowley and Meryem McLeod

Year 9 Leadership Team

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