Core Wellbeing Values - Term 3 Award Winners

Congratulations to the inaugural winners of student year-level awards that recognise their commitment to the College Core Wellbeing Values.

Earlier this year, the College Wellbeing team launched our new Core Values and the Domestique Awards.

Domestique originates from road bicycle racing. A domestique is a rider who works to benefit their team and leader rather than trying to win the race.

Students in each year level are formally recognised for living our core values by being nominated for year level awards for Community, Empathy and Endeavour.

The student who encompasses all three of the core values combined is awarded the Domestique Award.

The awards recognise students for their selfless acts, thinking of others and contributing to the good of their class, even when their actions seem to go unnoticed.

The Term 3 award recipients are:

Year 7

Community: Louella Yeoman. Empathy: Hannah Subu. Endeavour: Lui Westerlund. Domestique: Nicole Bertsias.

Year 8

Community: Karina Delgadillo. Empathy: Lucy Thompson. Endeavour: Yak Yak. Domestique: Jonah Hermence.

Year 9

Community: Selena Touch. Empathy: Emily Boyce. Endeavour: Lucy Closter. Domestique: Elesha Gruis.

Year 10

Community: Georgina Bertsias. Empathy: Jok Job. Endeavour: Kyle Camilleri. Domestique: Andre Nguyen.

Year 11

Community: Chloe Brown. Empathy and Community: Darcy Makin. Endeavour: Abuk Chol. Domestique: Chloe Benedetti.

Year 12

Endeavour: Hayley Spiteri. Endeavour: Sunday Malual.

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