Year 8 Reflect and Connect Day

Reflect and Connect Day was designed to welcome back Year 8 students to on-site learning and give the cohort a chance to reconnect with one another after a long period of distance learning.

Students began the day in their homerooms with their teachers where they worked through seminars on resilience, life choices, and managing stress.

Following the seminars, the students participated in STEM team-building activities. They had to create a tower out of dried spaghetti, string and tape that was strong enough to hold a marshmallow. This tested their problem-solving skills and ability to communicate with each other.

There was also a fierce battle to create the longest paper chain out of only two pieces of A4 paper. It was great to see students troubleshooting as a team and working out the best approaches to both tasks.

After lunch, students chose from various activities, including e-sports, soccer, netball, basketball, volleyball, an art class, board games, or quiet reading.

As the Year 8 Coordinators, we were extremely pleased to see our cohort back on-site, and we are glad they enjoyed their return and had a chance to reconnect with one another!

What our Year 8 students had to say:

As a part of the Year 8 Reflect and Connection day, students could pick between different activities to participate in. The students who chose mindfulness colouring and reading got the chance to unwind after a very big return to school. There were different colouring-in options or the opportunity to catch up on their favourite books. These activities were a good way for friends to reconnect and enjoy the sun.

Marydina Kakinda, 8R

Students who chose the art class activity on Reflection Day designed and created their own monsters out of air-dry clay, using various sculpting tools to add texture and detail to their monsters. This provided a fun and relaxing start to school back on-site.

Alanis Furtado, 8C

Jordan Reithofer and Lauren Whitford

Year 8 Coordinators

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