Our New Name

From January 2023, Catholic Regional College Melton will change its name to St Francis Catholic College, after St Francis of Assisi.

A new logo, branding and uniform will be launched at the start of next year for our existing Melton West campus and new Cobblebank campus.

New logo

19 July 2022

Our new logo tells the story of St Francis of Assisi and our College, while pointing toward our future development.

The shield at the base of the logo symbolises St Francis’ early years as a soldier.

As a fighter in the crusades, Francis’ zeal for the campaigns speaks of his devotion to the Christian cause. After being captured and held captive for two years, Francis underwent a change of heart.

The next symbol on our logo is the Tau cross - a sign of conversion. After his capture and imprisonment for two years, St Francis no longer wished to pursue military life and instead dedicated himself to Christ. This Tau cross is a Franciscan symbol he used as his personal signature. For Francis, conversion implied a turning toward God and turning to one’s brothers and sisters.

The thinner black cross connects us to our current logo and is a reminder of the rich history of the past 42 years.

The Franciscan belt hung on the cross speaks to the Franciscan order established by St Francis. The three knots symbolise the trinity to which Francis was so devoted.

Underneath the shield, the book of the gospels is represented. Purposefully placed below the shield and open, the book of the gospels underpins all that we do at the College. The Gospels are our base and foundation. The book is open, symbolising the lived experience that St Francis Catholic College students will encounter.

As the patron saint of ecology, St Francis had a deep affection for flora and fauna and all of God’s creation. We include the symbol of the Eucalyptus Macrocarpa or grey box native to the western parts of Melbourne. With a small forest protected and managed since 1988 between Melton and Eynesbury, the symbol connects the College to the local area. It reminds us of our obligation to care for our environment.

Our new logo has a powerful narrative that will be unpacked for students in the coming years.

The rich symbolism and deep messages will help our students understand the core values of the Catholic education they receive at St Francis Catholic College.

You can watch all the elements of our logo come together in the animation below.

Who was St Francis?

2 August 2022

St Francis was born in Assisi around 1181. His father was a well-established self-made man who owned a cloth business and expected Francis to join him in this family enterprise.

Francis as a young man was said to have an exuberant love of life and was well liked by the town’s young men.

In 1202, Francis joined the war against Perugia and was captured and held prisoner for 12 months, when he became ill.

After a series of visions, Francis underwent a conversion and decided to live a life dedicated to evangelical poverty. He devoted himself to prayer and solitude so that he could better discern the will of Christ.

Francis went on to establish the Franciscan Order and the Order of St Clare and in 1979 he was proclaimed the Patron Saint of Ecology.

"Preach the Gospels often – when necessary use words."

According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, “probably no one in history has set out as seriously as did Francis to imitate the life of Christ and to carry out so literally Christ’s work in Christ’s own way”.

“This is the key to the character and spirit of St Francis and helps explain his veneration for the Eucharist (the body and blood of Christ) and respect for the priests who handled the elements of the communion sacrament.”

“To neglect this point is to present an unbalanced portrait of the saint as a lover of nature, a social worker, an itinerant preacher, and a celebrant of poverty.”

As we delve deeper into the spirituality of St Francis over the coming year, students and staff will come to see some key themes. Among these is Francis’ view of the Gospels. One of his well-known quotes is: “Preach the Gospels often – when necessary use words”.

This notion of faith in action and a lived experience of the Gospels will be a strong theme across our College in 2023.